The KonMari way helps people find clarity and purpose by tidying up their homes and offices. Find out how you can use this to help your remote teams get in the zone, work with focus & produce real results.

Nothing like a lockdown to come to terms with all the stuff you possess. Our family of four (with two kids under 10 and one basketball coach) has spent the past few weeks falling over at least 17 balls of various shapes and sizes. Not to mention our nightly yelps as we’ve stepped on sharp Barbie doll fingers and tiny lego pieces while trying to find a cup of water in the dark.

It’s no wonder that lockdown has been ‘organizing time’ in most households, inspired by Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The must-watch series follows organizing expert and author Marie Kondo as she tidies up households across America, restoring joy and order to their homes using the KonMari method. 

Often clutter, at home or at work, is a consequence of the feeling that everything seems equally important. Unfortunately this leads to a lack of focus and clarity. 

Remote Work

Today’s remote workers are expected to be equally effective, while handling more responsibilities, and in a brand new distraction-filled environment. Physical and mental clutter is the order of the day, and most employees are exhausted just trying to keep up. Add to that mix someone who isn’t self motivated and you’re looking at a productivity sinkhole.

What this new setup of remote work actually needs is a set of completely new behavior patterns.

Teams that had managers looking over their shoulders, now need to take more ownership over their daily work. Managers, trying to reach remote teams past call drops and unstable internet connections, need to work twice as hard to keep their teams engaged and motivated. 

Working with the behavioral aspects of teams has shown us Kondo’s ‘finding clarity and purpose through order’ is what teams need right now –  to get in the zone, work with focus and produce real results.

#1 Embracing today

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Tidying up expert, Kondo, encourages us to let go of those clothes from the ‘90s we’re hoping to fit into one day.  Her philosophy of “embrace who you are today” extends to keeping only those things around you that are relevant to your present self.

As businesses embrace new realities, your teams need help getting used to new objectives and changing priorities. Teams must unlearn old behaviors and pick up what behaviors work in these times.

#2 Finding a new rhythm

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Instagram is full of KonMari’d homes and offices – which are very inspiring. And maybe the epiphany of finding joy and clarity through a clutter-free space will inspire someone to keep it that way. 

Chances are you’ll need to put effort into unlearning old habits and picking up new ones, like always putting things back where they belong.

Without deliberate interventions and support, any behavior change is an uphill task.

Your remote teams, too, are going to need extensive hand holding as they adopt new productive behaviors and adjust to remote work.

And if hand holding large teams seems a bit unrealistic right now, worxogo’s AI coach has got you covered. Daily coaching insights, easy monitoring and feedback channels, behavior trackers, all helps sales reps and managers stay on top of the new mode of working. 

Today, leaders across industries are using worxogo’s remote work module to shine the light on their most important priorities, helping teams spend less time organizing their day and more time working productively. 

Contact us for a demo on how you can support your team’s behavior journey as they adapt to the new normal.

[Image credit: Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash]