Behavior Enable
your tech stack

with worxogo Nudge Coach

Bring together all your sales, customer support and backoffice performance data into one Behavior engine. Understand, coach, and manage teams centrally. Transform your performance data into actionable insights, personalized to each rep’s unique motivations.

Understand team productivity in new light

You already have your team’s performance data. Integrate this data into the behavior engine to identify your team’s ‘golden motions’ – every day activities that deliver better outcomes. Drive these activities using the AI coach’s behavior-shaping nudges.

Sync your CRM, dialer, ticketing system, Analytics tools, BI engines.
Push data through a pre-built integration layer from any of your enterprise systems, tools, databases. Go Live within days.

worxogo’s integration layer works with Microsoft, Salesforce, Cisco, Avaya, Google and all major industry platforms. Have a custom built/ homegrown application? No worries, you can connect that to our engine, too.

Your data can be integrated through APIs, SFTP and File Uploads.

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Behavior layer to really understand your team

The best managers get the best out of their teams.

Using proprietary deep learning algorithms, worxogo’s AI engine assesses each team member across 70+ behavioral attributes. Like, what motivates them to improve? What day of the week is best to encourage them? What part of the month do they slow down? Based on interactions with their Coaching tips (Behavior nudges) the engine analyses what really makes them tick and sends them personalized nudges.

Analysing tens of millions of behavior nudges, the AI coach constantly orients itself to remain relevant for each of your employees. Every day.

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Nudge them to act

Like your best managers, worxogo nudge coach acts like a personal KPI coach for each rep.

Each of your reps are unique. They shouldn’t get a one-size-fits-all experience at work. Nudge coach nudges each rep uniquely on their KPIs based their Performance (top, middle, low performance) cohort and motivational persona.

Their performance coach customizes the nudges for each individual based on how they like to get coached, how well they are doing and how to get each one to want to improve at their job. For team leads, it acts like a productivity wingman and helps (nudges) them proactively to manage their team on the KPIs that matter.

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