Read how this major UK bank used Behavior Science and AI drove behavior change which led to a 14% jump in the productivity of their GCC team. 

Client Overview

One of the largest retail and commercial banks in the UK, this bank has over 60,000 employees. The bank’s Global Captive Center (GCC) is located in India and the Philippines. The management was looking to improve their hybrid backoffice team’s productivity and utilization.

Key Challenges

Increase Productivity

The back-office team at this GCC was working hybrid. The team had varying levels of productivity across associates.

Improve Utilisation

The management wanted to ensure that productivity improved consistently across the entire team so each resource was being utilised well.

Improve core time

Associates needed to be coached on how they spent their time on core and non-core activities during their work day.

The management wanted to see a more Engaged, Motivated and Productive GCC back-office team. 

Nudge Coach Deployment


worxogo Nudge Coach was deployed at the backoffice teams in the bank’s Global Captive Centers (GCC). Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged associates on daily activities that would improve their productivity. The AI Nudge Coach helped the team build consistency around high-impact work behaviors using visual progress trackers, rewarding them for 3-day streaks and nudging the team towards their targets.

Teams got into the habit of spending 3-5 mins with their AI coach which helped them focus on their priority KPIs and pay attention to problem areas. Virtual rewards, recognition and leaderboards kept the teams motivated and enthused to perform at their best, while microlearning modules enhanced the team’s knowledge of processes.

Managers got a bird’s eye view of their teams’ performance and using a proprietary 2-click method they were able to send feedback to each associate  based on their unique performance and motivational context. The Nudges and insights helped managers drive a culture of consistent performance.

The Outcome



Higher Productivity



Increased Utilisation



Increase in
time spent on Core Activities

With the deployment of worxogo Nudge Coach, a clear behavior change was seen in the entire team – as most of the associates not only adhered to but moved beyond their defined targets, to become a more motivated, engaged and productive team.