Read how this leading US Logistics company used worxogo Nudge Coach to build a resilient high-performing back-office team.

Client Overview

The leading Logistics organization in North American has tens of thousands of customers across every zipcodein the US. Their back-office team sits in various locations across India and the Philippines.

The backoffice team for the Logistics company was using worxogo Nudge Coach and was a highly productive and efficient team. The team maintained their quality benchmarks across the board.

When the pandemic hit, teams were forced to work-from-home (WFH) overnight.

Key Challenges

Stabilise Productivity

The management wanted to ensure that their team’s productivity was stablized even as they moved to WFH.

Maintain Utilisation

The team was already performing at a high-level of efficiency. The management wanted to maintain their high utilisation.

Maintain Quality Benchmarks

The management wanted to the team to maintain their quality benchmarks even while working remotely.

The management wanted to ensure that the back-office team’s morale, motivation and engagement remained high.

Nudge Coach Deployment


worxogo Nudge Coach was already deployed at the Logistics Company’s back-office team. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged the team on daily activities to improve their productivity. Pre- pandemic the team was highly productive and during the disruption, management quickly pivoted using the Nudge Coach to stabilize the team through the crisis.

The nudge coach helped the team self-manage themselves. Daily coaching tips / nudges helped the team stay on track with their work rhythm. Microlearning modules helped them get up-to-speed with the new way of working.

Managers were coached with insights and nudges that enabled them to pivot to managing their remote teams and coaching them regularly and consistently.

The Outcome



Improved Productivity



Increased Utilisation



Quality level maintained

The management used worxogo Nudge Coach to build a resilient team that not only withstood but thrived in the crisis. worxogo Nudge coach became a bridge between managers and their teams connecting them to each other, helping them remain Engaged, Motivated and Productive.