Client Overview

Headquartered in New York, this company is a leading operations management and analytics company with a global footprint across the U.S.A, U.K, Europe, India, Australia etc. The company works with one of North America’s largest multi-line insurers to improve global operations, drive profitability and enhance customer satisfaction through the Customer Support Team. The team wanted to improve their insurance agent productivity and reduce the average call handle time, while remaining committed to their quality standards.

Key Challenges

Improve Productivity

The management for the multi-line insurer company needed to improve its insurance agent productivity and enhance the customer engagement rate for its customer support team.


Reduce Average Handle Time

The key challenges faced by the team included how to maintain the team’s productivity levels consistently with a focus on reducing resolution time for its customers.

Enhance Quality

Improved efficiency and consistency in productivity would yield higher quality parameters of the process.

Key focus KPIs that the team was measured on included KPIs like Average Handle Time, Quality, and Customer Experience. While productivity was a challenge, management also wanted to improve the insurance agent productivity by keeping the team Engaged and Motivated.

Nudge Coach Deployment


The customer support team deployed worxogo Nudge Coach. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged insurance agents to maintain a consistent performance.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each agent’s motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These behavior-shaping nudges oriented the team to resolve bills within the desired time frame and improve the quality score.

Daily personalized nudges helped the agents monitor their daily behaviors like recording information on calls accurately. Daily communication with managers helped agents get personalized coaching insights in real-time while regular performance updates helped agents to focus on continuous improvement.

Managers got a bird’s-eye view of their team’s performance and could easily drill down to each individual insurance agent. Low performers were quickly identified and guided immediately. Nudges and insights helped managers drive key behaviors that led to an improvement in scores for the end client.

The Outcome



Improvement in Productivity



Improvement in Average Handle Time



Increase in Quality Score and Consistency

The deployment of worxogo Nudge Coach improved performance outcomes by delivering targeted coaching for each insurance agent. There was a substantial shift in the number of bills being resolved, which indicated an increase in efficiency on an overall basis.

With optimized resolution efficiency, the team was able to consistently add value to the end customer and improve the quality score.