Read how this Finserv company expanded their customer base and improved their sales numbers with worxogo Nudge Coach. Personalized nudges and other behavior interventions helped the team increase effort by 40% leading to growth in sales and customer base. 

Client Overview

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the third largest private sector bank in India with an asset size of $60 Bn. The financial giant has its presence across 1500+ locations in India.

Key Challenges

Improve Customer Base Expansion

The financial services company wanted to explore new channels and put energy into creating a healthy sales funnel. The agents needed to improve their marketing and spend more time generating new leads through new channels.

Product Specific Revenue Generation

In case of existing clients, they were an offset of product-specific revenues as agents were failing short on the diversification of existing

Increase Quality Leads Closure

An increase in quality lead conversion would help the team get better outcomes.

The management wanted to build a high performing Sales team that was more Engaged, Motivated and Productive.

Nudge Coach Deployment


The Finserv company deployed worxogo Nudge Coach their sales team. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged each agent to proactively expand the customer base through new channels.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each agents’ motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These small yet deeply impactful nudges helped the team to maintain their product-specific revenues and enhance conversions of quality leads.

worxogo Nudge Coach was integrated with the company’s existing CRM. Daily personalized nudges helped the agents to boost leads and meetings with high net-worth individuals and enhance their teams’ productivity. Instant recognition and rewards through badges and points incentivized them to track their leads and nurture them throughout the sales conversion.

The managers tracked individual agents’ performance and identified agents not doing well and intervened at the right point. By helping the managers focus on what’s really important for each agent, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman, leveraging the portfolio revenues for each agent.

The Outcome



Improvement in Efforts for Quality Leads Closure



Increase in Product Sales



Increase in Customer Base

Deployment of worxogo Nudge Coach generated a higher yield on generating and
converting leads and overall higher ROI.

There was a substantial shift in quality lead scoring which resulted in a huge jump in
product sales. worxogo Nudge Coach maximized agents’ productivity which led to consistent efforts and elevated results.