Client Overview

The global outsourcing giant serves companies across industries in 144 countries. Their team of 38k professionals handles 43 million transactions per month.

The company services one of the worlds largest vacation rental platform, among others.

Key Challenges

Improve Customer Satisfaction Score

The vacation rental process of the BPO wanted to improve customer satisfaction score.

Increase Adoption of Follow-Up Tracking Tools

The Customer service agents needed to efficiently use the follow-ups tracking software. This would help them  quickly identify issues in the customer experience that needed to be resolved immediately.

Improve Net Promoter Score

Improving Net Promoter Score would mean that the client was able to quickly adjust procedures to maintain customer satisfaction.

The management wanted to improve the customer experience for the rental platform and raise its NPS by keeping their agents Engaged, Motivated and Productive. 

Nudge Coach Deployment


The Customer Service team deployed worxogo Nudge Coach. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudges each customer agent to take the right actions to solve the customer queries as efficiently as possible.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each agents’ motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These small yet deeply impactful nudges helped the customer service team fix customer pain points consistently.

worxogo Nudge Coach was integrated with the company’s existing CRM. Daily personalized nudges helped the agents efficiently adopt and use the tracking application & improve follow ups. Instant recognition and rewards through badges and points incentivized them to perform consistently in line with the customer engagement goals.

The team leaders and operations managers tracked individual agents’ performance and could identify agents not doing well proactively and intervene at the right point. By helping the team leaders and managers focus on what’s really important for each agent, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman helping them improve customer interactions and increase the NPS.

The managers could track individual MRs’ performance, quickly identify reps not doing well and intervene at the right point.  By helping the managers focus on what’s really important for each MR, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman, resulting in higher revenues for the company.

The Outcome



Higher Customer Satisfaction Score



Efficient Usage of Follow-Up Tracking Application



Increase in
Net Promoter Score

Using worxogo Nudge Coach the customer service team for the vacation rental giant became a high performing team. The BPO significantly increased its NPS and there was a big improvement in customer satisfaction, yielding a faster response to customer issues.