Client Overview

A multinational operations management and analytics company with 30,000+ employees deployed across the globe servicing clients in multiple industries including insurance, banking, financial services,
among many others. The company’s works with America’s third largest property and casualty insurer resolving claims, offering guidance, building and maintaining customer relationships.

Key Challenges

Improve Productivity

The claims team for the American global insurer wanted to foster a higher interaction rate and improve employee engagement to boost productivity.

Reduce Overall Defect Count

A fully engaged team would ensure that there’d be no
communication loopholes and effectively reduce the defect

Boost Quality

An efficient communication course would mean greater  speed, volume and accuracy for claims and underwriting bills. 

The management wanted to mitigate the errors to deliver maximum customer satisfaction by building a Productive,
Engaged and Motivated team.

Nudge Coach deployment


The Claims Team deployed worxogo Nudge Coach. Based on the Nobel
prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged agents to engage and
communicate consistently.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each agent’s motivations and nudges
them daily on their KPIs. These behavior-shaping nudges oriented the team to resolve bills with minimum defects and improve the quality score.

Daily personalized nudges helped the agents to boost their quality
accuracy and improve their overall bill count. Daily communication with
managers helped agents get personalized coaching insights in real-time
while regular performance updates helped agents to focus on continuous
and consistent productivity.

Managers got a bird’s eye view of their teams’ performance and could
easily drill down to each individual agent. Low performers were quickly
identified and guided immediately. Nudges and insights helped managers
drive key behaviors that led to an improvement in scores for the end client.

The Outcome



Improvement in productivity



Reduction in overall defect count



Increase in quality score

Post the launch of worxogo Nudge Coach, the team was able to maintain a
healthy quality accuracy, with more agents consistently hitting the benchmark.

Agents were able able to track their productivity using the Nudge Coach,
resolved higher volume of bills and captured the right data within the targeted
time frame with a minimal defect count. With guided nudges from supervisors,
the overall performance-productivity lifted drastically.