Read how this $5 billion transportation company improved their back office teams interactions with customers, boosting sales productivity by 28%.

Client Overview

A multinational operations management and analytics company with 30,000+ employees deployed across globe services clients in multiple industries including travel, logistics, financial services, among others. The company works with premier provider of North American shipping, transportation & logistics with $5 billion annual revenue and one of the broadest portfolios in the industry.

Key Challenges

Boost Sales

Management for the transportation process wanted to improve the engagement throughout the sales process by helping agents to better interact with prospects.

Maintain Average Handle Time

The team
wanted to maintain consistent attendance while exhibiting
behavior in alignment with Quality benchmarks and the Average Handle Time (AHT).

Enhance Quality

The agents were expected to improve their quality score.

The management wanted to build a team of high-energy, dedicated and innovative agents; who proactively work to seek
solutions for potential problems of the customers. Keeping their focus on efficiency and productivity, management wanted to build a more Engaged and Motivated team.

Nudge Coach Deployment


The customer support team deployed worxogo Nudge Coach. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged managers to send constructive feedback to the agents regularly.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each agent’s motivations and nudges
them daily on their KPIs. These behavior-shaping nudges oriented the team to adhere by the time and quality benchmarks and improve their performance.

Daily personalized nudges helped the agents to boost their accuracy and
improve their average handle time. With over 500+ feedback instances sent by the team managers to the agents in real-time with regular performance updates helped agents to focus on continuous and consistent productivity.

Managers got a bird’s eye view of their teams’ performance and using a
proprietary 2-click method they were able to focus on coaching each
individual agent based on their performance and motivation at context. The nudges and insights helped managers drive key behaviors that led to an improvement in scores for the end client.

The Outcome



Higher Sales



of the team hit
AHT targets



Improvement in Quality

With the deployment of worxogo Nudge Coach, the team demonstrated higher
efficiency with considerable improvement in quality.

The highly engaged agents attracted & retained a higher number of bookings. They even
delivered a more positive customer experience. With an average increase of 17 loads per
day, the team exhibited exceptional performance productivity.