Client Overview

One of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, it develops and distributes over 600 products for healthcare professionals in India alone. The company has a team of over 109k employees globally that deal with a dynamic product diversity from diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, therapies & branded generic medicines

Key Challenges

Improve Detailing Time for Focus Brands

In order to make meaningful interactions and provide adequate product information, reps needed to increase the detailing time with Health Care Professionals (HCPs).

Increase Prescriber Base

The low interaction rate was resulting in falling prescriber base for the MRs.

Increase Prescription Generation

Improving detailing time and prescriber base for focus brands would lead to an increase in prescription generation and sales revenue.

The Medical Reps (MRs) at the Pharmaceutical giant needed to improve their detailing time and prescriber base for focus brands, which would lead to an increase in prescription generation and sales revenue. Further, the reps needed to sell the desired  product mix, which would increase the demand of the Focus brands. The management wanted to improve the engagement of MRs with HCPs, by keeping their Reps more Engaged, Motivated and Productive.

Nudge Coach Deployment


The Pharma company used worxogo Nudge Coach to approach their problems. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudges each  representative to cover large territories by helping them build productive behaviors.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each reps’ motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These small yet deeply impactful nudges helped reps make meaningful and informed interactions with the ideal number of  HCPs.

worxogo Nudge Coach was integrated with the company’s existing CRM. Daily personalized nudges helped reps increase their visits & improve upon their detailing time. Instant recognition and rewards, through badges and points, incentivized them to achieve a higher prescription base and improve sales for the focus brands.

The managers could track individual MRs’ performance, quickly identify reps not doing well and intervene at the right point.  By helping the managers focus on what’s really important for each MR, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman, resulting in higher revenues for the company.

The Outcome



More MRs hit the Detailing Time Benchmark



Expansion of Prescriber Base for Focus Brands



Increase in # of Prescriptions generated for Focus Brands


Using worxogo Nudge Coach, the management registered a substantial improvement (from 33% to 82%) in number of MRs hitting the desired detailing time with the HCPs. This led to a significant improvement in the prescriber base as well as the number of prescriptions generated for the focus brands, which in turn registered an 18% increase in overall sales achievement.