“Hey Anant, I’m in the middle of something important and we need to talk about your performance review. Let’s spend 10 minutes and finish this.” A little while later, between phone calls and emails, “We both know how you’ve done this year and what you need to improve on. So let’s just say that we had this conversation. I’ll type out the comments in the system later. Is there anything you want to say? No? OK! Great chat!”

While this is a hypothetical scenario, we hear this kind of situation from our managers very often.

Feedback is often relegated to becoming a once-a-year bugbear that everyone dreads and no one benefits from.

Why we need managers

But Covid-induced remote working showed us just how important frequent feedback can be. Managers who regularly checked-in with their teams, set micro-goals and gave frequent feedback ended up boosting productivity and engagement.

All of this has highlighted the role of frontline managers in keeping teams motivated, engaged and most importantly productive. [See how the Indian Army uses this to keep its million-strong force motivated ]

The Research

Based on tens of thousands of interactions between managers and their team leads, worxogo’s behavior labs has found a direct connection between manager feedback and team productivity.

We analyzed teams and manager interactions over a 6-month period and found two distinct groups. Managers who frequently gave feedback and those that didn’t. The difference in productivity was stark – team members getting feedback twice a week improved >5% MoM compared to teams who got feedback only once a month.

Frequent Feedback: worxogo case study

So what can managers do?

Managers with the highest rate of success with their teams consistently do these three things –

  1. Check in frequently with individual team members
  2. Review each individual on their performance
  3. Provide actionable feedback consistently

worxogo can help

worxogo’s AI engine helps managers by identifying timely feedback opportunities based on each individual’s unique performance journey. With a click, managers are able to send actionable and timely feedback, helping the team course correct or press on in the right direction.

The AI engine’s behavior-shaping nudges build better manager behaviors that lead to better outcomes.

Interested? Call us for a demo on you can get a productivity wingman for your managers.

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash