In November 2017, Deloitte published a knowledge paper on disruptive digital transformation in the retail sector. A case of Titan, who have used an innovative digital solution to drive  store level employees to becoming more efficient. (Deloitte report on Disruptions in Retail through Digital Transformation Nov 2017. Click here for the full report.) 

Titan Industries deployed an innovative product from worxogo, a persuasive technology startup which uses an AI–based personal Nudge coach, which nudges individual sales team members to improve their performance.

Challenge faced by Titan:

Management of Titan, despite having industry leading technology solutions and a driven sales team, faced typical challenges that sales team face:

  • Small percentage of the team hit their targets
  • Inability to upsell higher margin products
  • Inadequate use of existing sales tools
  • Large month-end skews in sales performance
  • Sales being the only objective measure of sales team performance

Digital Intervention:Using worxogo’s Nudge coach, Titan sales team was able to:

  • Get 75% of the sales team to hit their targets consistently
  • Increase focus-product sales by 20%
  • Increase sales spread & engagement with the long tail
  • Increase sales performance in double digits
  • Reduce month end-skews yielding a steady sales trend through the month
  • Increase usage of existing CRMs and other tools

This was possible using worxogo Nudge Coach, which:

  • Established an objective performance system including outcomes (sales) and lead indicators
  • Deployed behavior nudges to the team by
      • –  Assessing individual performance across all KPIs daily
        –  Providing clear call-to-action insights

Deloitte Report