The field sales team at this global agri company was looking to improve their retail sales performance, improve the usage of their CRM tool and thus increase the visibility of their sales funnel. Read on to find out how the team used worxogo Nudge Coach to increase sales enquiries by 30% and up number of vehicles sold by 7%.

Client Overview

With an annual turnover of $1.2 bn, this global agri company is the world’s third-largest tractor manufacturer. The company sells over 180,000 tractors annually with a distribution network of over 1200 dealers and presence across 100+ countries.

Key Challenges

Improve Retail Sales Performance

The management were looking to improve their retail sales performance. The limited occupancy and lower footfall meant dealers were finding it hard to meet targets.

Group 43

Boost CRM Adoption

Only a small portion of Dealer Sales personnel were actually using the CRM tool, leading to data inconsistencies and loss of potential Sales.

Increase visibility of Sales Funnel

The dealers relied on manual methods of tracking leads which caused inefficiencies and disorganized business flow. The failure of CRM Adoption meant low visibility of Sales Funnel and loss of vital leads.

The management wanted to boost the CRM adoption & enhance retail sales by keeping their dealers more Engaged, Motivated and Productive.

Nudge Coach Deployment


The management deployed worxogo Nudge Coach for their agri sales team. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the Coach nudged each dealer to actively engage in Sales Funnel activities.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each Dealers’ motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These small yet deeply impactful nudges made a huge difference driving the dealers towards better operations and customer satisfaction.

worxogo Nudge Coach was integrated with the company’s existing CRM. Daily personalized nudges helped the dealer sales personnel to incorporate the CRM usage in their work schedule and commit to its efficient use. Instant recognition and rewards through badges and points incentivized the dealer sales personnel to add value to the Sales Funnel and gain leverage.

The Managers tracked individual performance for each of the dealer sales personnel, identified individuals not doing well and intervened at the right point. By helping the managers focus on what’s really important for each dealer, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman, thrusting the sales curve in the upward direction.

The Outcome



Improved Sales Funnel Activities



Increase in Sales Enquiries



Increase in Vehicles Sold

The management witnessed large ROI from worxogo Nudge Coach. The most significant transition was the improved rate of CRM adoption. Not only did it drive up the business profitability but also bought in data standardisation across platforms.

There was a sizeable jump in sales funnel activities combined with much more sales enquiries, reflective of the increased productivity of the dealer sales personnel.