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Make your agri
sales reps

Nudge Coach helps your agri sales teams improve productivity and sell more.


Increased farmer visits earlier in the month

Promo activities

Motivate reps to adhere to activity plan for week/month

Adoption of digital tools

Help reps increase usage of CRM, DMS and reporting systems

Learning & Development

Improve rep learning, retention of key talking points

Future of work

Use Behavior Nudges to make your Sales Reps Self-Motivated

Unlock your agri Sales Reps' potential

Nudge Coach

Highlights which activity to focus on today and nudges reps to take action

bird's eye view for Managers

Real-time insights on reps productivity, highlights which rep to focus on

behavior lens For Business leaders

Behavior analytics to make your team future-ready

improve effectiveness of YOUR digital ASSETS

Sync your CRM, analytics data into actionable insights

Visible Impact


reps report more leads in your CRM/ DMS

40% more

sales activities like Test Drives

25% increase

In CRM usage

23% Increase

in Focus products sold

12% Increase

in monthly sales

How a global Agri equipment manufacturer improved sales queries by 30%

Daily personalized nudges helped the company and dealer sales reps to improve daily CRM usage. Instant behavior recognition and rewards motivated the sales reps to be more consistent and improve their market activities. This helped to improve overall sales

Industry leaders believe that Nudges work!

"The AI engine over a period of time was able to successfully assess the sales teams on their key motivations and provided relevant nudges to drive performance (this is a differentiator). This, in turn, drove behaviors and improved performance for each salesperson leading to better people productivity."
Ex VP, Marketing & BD - TAFE
"In the end, I do see impact. It’s not like 100% people change overnight but even if 50% of the people change, I think that is a start...... and helps in digital transformation"
Deepak Solanki
Head of IT & Digital (AMEA & ANZ) - CNH Industrial

Get the behavior advantage for your CRM

Make your Sales team high-performing today!


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