Increase Pharma Field Force effectiveness

with worxogo’s

Incentive Nudge Coach

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Incentives - Made Easy!

Improve Pharma Rep productivity

Help your pharma reps understand their incentives better. Connect management strategy with field actions.

Reduce non-productive time

Make your SFE teams look for insights not waste time in calculating incentives.

Reduce friction from the field

Don't waste time explaining what the incentive structure is. Run multiple campaigns concurrently.

Power of Nudges

Use the power or Behavior Science to engage your reps daily.

Elevate your sales teams' performance

Pharma Incentive Nudge Coach

Empower your team to better


complex incentive structures and visualise their goals


with bite-sized insights on their current run rate and what they need to do to earn more incentives


with behavior nudges that drive them towards their monthly and quarterly sales goals

Pharma leaders on worxogo Nudge Coach

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