Client Overview

ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian Multinational Financial Services Company with a network of 5275 branches and over 115 product and service offerings and a presence spanning 17 countries.

Key Challenges

Poor Adoption of Digital Initiatives

The Personal Loans Division was lagging behind targets to sell loans and onboard consumers on their digital platforms.

Group 39

Driving Self-Application for Loans

The Sales Reps were struggling to drive end-customers to self-apply for loans online.

Poor Personal Loan Disbursements

Low adoption of the bank’s digital initiatives was leading to low disbursement value, especially on online platforms.

The management wanted to keep their Loan sales team Engaged, Motivated and Productive.

Nudge Coach deployment


The Personal Loans Division at ICICI Bank deployed worxogo Nudge Coach. Based on the Nobel prize-winning concept of Nudges, the coach nudged sales reps to extend Bank’s digital initiatives at scale.

worxogo Nudge Coach understands each reps’ motivations and nudges them daily on their KPIs. These small yet deeply impactful nudges helped the team to improve their engagement rate and enhanced customer satisfaction with regards to online loans.

worxogo Nudge Coach was integrated with the company’s existing CRM. Daily personalized nudges helped the sales reps to drive end-customers to self-apply for loans online and improve upon their loan closings. Instant recognition and rewards through badges and points incentivized reps to boost disbursements via online platforms.

Managers tracked individual reps’ performance and could identify reps that were struggling and guide them accordingly.

By helping the managers focus on what’s really important for each sales rep, Nudge Coach acted like a productivity wingman helping them improve their disbursement value and increase their sales productivity.

The Outcome



Sales Force Achieved over 100% targets



Achievement in Disbursement Online



Overall Disbursement against targets

Deployment of worxogo Nudge Coach led to a 13x improvement in the sales team productivity on Focus KPIs.

worxogo Nudge Coach helped ICICI’s personal loan sales team become a highly engaged and productive force. The management witnessed large ROI from worxogo’s nudge coach. The results included faster turnaround time, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved rate of loan disbursements in online medium and a visible shift in the performance of the sales reps.